This work change experience people’s effects for kaleidoscope. They put their effects that they usually have into a drawer of work. Then they can see a beautiful kaleidoscope by looking from above of it and also rotate the contents of the drawer by the handle on the left side of it. They can change lens and filter by a lever at the top. Making their effects beautifully by using kaleidoscope is that work represents experience people themselves.

 体験者の持ち物を万華鏡の姿に変換する体験型作品。 体験者の持つ何気ない持ち物を作品の引き出しの中に入れ、作品上部から覗き込むと万華鏡の美しい姿に変化している。作品上部にある万華鏡レンズやフィルターの切り替え、左部にあるハンドルを回すことで如何様にも変化した姿を楽しむことが出来る。 身近にある何気ないものが美しく変化することで、その持ち主さえも輝ける作品。 

you put in the drawer of the work objects with the person, it is changing the appearance of the beautiful kaleidoscope and look into work from the top.

It is possible to enjoy the appearance that is constantly changing by turning the handle on the switching of the filter and kaleidoscope lens in the work top, the left portion.

By casual thing in the familiar changes beautifully, even the owner also shining.

체험자의 소지품을 만화경의 모습으로 변환하는 체험 형 작품. 체험자가 가지는 아무렇지도 않은 소지품을 작품의 서랍에 넣어 작품 위에서 들여다 보면 만화경 아름다운 모습으로 변화하고있다. 작품 상단의 만화경 렌즈 나 필터의 전환 왼쪽 부분에있는 손잡이를 돌리면 항상 변화된 모습을 즐길 수있다. 가까이에있는 아무렇지도 않은 것이 아름답게 변화하는 것으로, 그 소유자조차도 빛나는 작품.

Vous mettez dans le tiroir des objets de travailler avec la personne, il est en train de changer l'apparence du beau kaléidoscope et se pencher sur les travaux du sommet.

Il est possible de profiter de l'apparence qui change constamment en tournant la poignée sur la commutation du filtre et la lentille de kaléidoscope dans le plan de travail, la partie gauche.

Par chose occasionnel au cours des changements familiers magnifiquement, même le propriétaire qui brille également.

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